Wangiri Fraud

Did you know that Wangiri is a Japanese word meaning ‘one (ring) and cut’?

This phone scam has probably affected more people around the world than you’d think… have you received a call from an unknown number…. and called it back? Well, there you go, you’ll find the number you have called is connected to an expensive (often international or premium) number therefore costly to you. This needs to be eradicated to ensure each and everyone of us protected form this scamming, especially in these challenging times.

How can Roscom help you?

This type of fraud has been around for many years, and it’s not reducing. This is where Roscom can help. Our Osprey™ Analytics module can monitor the common traits associated with these calls:

  • Incoming calls from these high risk countries
  • Large short call volumes from the same originator
  • Outgoing calls from multiple subs to high risk countries
  • Customer complaints

And once validated Osprey™ can create a list of incoming and outgoing number ranges calls to be blocked.

How Roscom Can Help With Wangiri Fraud

Roscom’s 30 years’ experience in the Telecoms sector means we are able to help you get one step ahead of the fraudsters and provide certification evidence that you are following “best practice”. This will help protect your customers and bottom line against Wangiri fraud. The following three steps provide a guideline to our optimised approach.

Step 1 - Establish a baseline of fraud activity using the Osprey Suite

Step 2 - Target, Track and Report high profile anomalies

Step 3 - Certify Your Compliance

Monitoring Line Chart

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