Regulatory Compliance

For Energy, Gas & Water

Utility license conditions are tough; however, industry conferences show even electricity, gas and water industry leaders are lacking a consistent, integrated strategy to actively prove compliance.

Roscom has pioneered the creation of the Gemini platform enabling a digital transformation strategy and applying it to positive compliance evidencing.

We bring our Digital twinning technology and platform underpinned by our understanding of regulations to this space to help progressive companies within utility sector. We deliver controls for billing accuracy first before applying regulatory obligation analysis and mapping of them into their digital thread of the customer lifecycle.

Move from human insights to digital insights

We have the knowledge to demonstrate the benefits of analysing your obligations, turning them into control metrics and delivering them from your digital thread. This is not as complicated as it may sound and with our expertise to support you, it’s a journey well worthwhile.

If you’re role is to manage regulatory compliance and its risk of breach, then please to find out more – there’s lots to explain about our platform but it only takes 20 minutes

Our Solutions

We offer four models: a supported product installation, a cloud install, a technology managed service or a hybrid. These options provide flexibility to suit any budgetary, regulatory or governmental restrictions that may exist. Some clients prefer to keep Assurance activities in-house and we are more than happy to support that!

We are here to be an extension of your existing teams, working together as colleagues to help your Risk or Audit function see value from our relationship. To get our things started, please take a look at our Assurance specific offerings.

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