Assuring Your Wind Investment

When you buy you buy a vague ‘8-year return’ there is no assurance on selling of your power to ensure there is a calculated ROI. So, we have created the solution; assurance techniques to create smarter renewables and maximise the return on your investment. When your (un?)reliable turbine is stressed but delivering huge KwH, know that those sold watts are valued and validated and let our product move you from theoretical return to mathematically proven maximisation of it. We also have aerospace level instrumentation in our portfolio through our sister so can offer instrumentation for mechanical assurance as well as financial through digital.

We can provide this assurance whether you have invested in wind as a straight feed in generation exercise or whether you have invested in it for self-consumption with the benefit of feed in.

Have you calculated your own wind farm return on investment ?

To deliver this we have interfaced into the inverters you will have on your wind installation; we have created a series of meter readers for legacy electromechanical meters and have built into our assurance control centre the support for dynamic pricing on 30-minute windows. We assure both the sale and the purchase of power into your site whether that’s a business or your home. If you have batteries within your installation, then we can interface to those and assure your optimal use of them so we can calculate the use of them for optimal sale of your power. We support the automatic import of your powers suppliers billing and provide reconciliation between your power providers billing and our independently derived billed value. We independently control time stamping supporting our assurance measurements and calculations to validate and pricing bundles, price breaks, dynamic pricing and billing cycles.

From all this data we will have created a digital twin of your plant with all key financial risks identified, assured and visualised.

Are you confident that your energy costs and solar revenues are complete and accurate ?

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