International Revenue Share Fraud

International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) costs businesses nearly five billion dollars each year. Fraudsters make money by generating bogus phone calls to international premium rate numbers you have paid for as a business.

Premium rate number services are a popular business model because they are so easy to use and simple to put in place. But it’s the simplicity which makes them a lucrative target for fraudsters. The caller is faced with a large bill for the unauthorised calls while the cheats collect a pay-out from the company that owns the premium rate number. They win You lose.

Top 5 International Revenue Share Fraud scams:

  • Taking advantage of an unintended or misconfigured cheap calling rate to the terminating party, allowing the terminating party to collect more revenue than the originating party spends making the call.
  • Making the call on someone else’s account. Typically using a stolen handset or hacked PBX.
  • Tricking a normal subscriber into calling a revenue share number (E.g. Wangiri)
  • Setting up a post-pay subscriber with no intention of ever paying the bill.
  • Acquiring free airtime through stolen top-ups or internal fraud.

How Roscom Can Help With Revenue Share Fraud

Roscom’s 30 years’ experience in the Telecoms sector means we are able to help you get one step ahead of the fraudsters and provide certification evidence that you are following “best practice”. This will help protect your customers and bottom line against IRSF fraud. The following three steps provide a guideline to our optimised approach.

Step 1 - Establish a baseline of fraud activity using the Osprey Suite

Step 2 - Target, Track and Report high profile anomalies

Step 3 - Certify Your Compliance

Monitoring Line Chart

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