Interconnect Cost Assurance

Verify the profitability of your call routing and termination fees by implementing interconnect cost assurance.

To say that there are a lot of inter-operator connections would be an understatement! Therefore, our approach is to focus on the high usage and high risk connections. This could be local or international, known or unknown routes.


Termination Fee Receivables

Independently verify if the calls that terminate on your network are generating the expected fees. Use our Roscom SIM pool to test the most important scenarios. By comparing the fee expected against the fee actually charged you can identify and correct errors with your own interconnect billing systems.

Termination Fee Costs

Identify if you are being charged too much. Use our Roscom SIM pool to test the most important scenarios. Compare the billed CDR revenue against the termination fee cost of your most important scenarios. This can identify non-profit call scenarios that require resolution either by reducing costs or increasing usage revenue.

Routing Efficiency

Perform independent end to end validation of your international routing. Generate test calls to our wide range of termination destinations. Identify routes that are not profitable, or where least cost routing is ineffective. Identify data driven optimisations that can be made to reduce costs or improve margins.

Enhanced TCG Toolbox

Monitor the full traffic of interconnect termination revenue. Address peaks, dips or edge cases by targeting test calls at the areas of concern. If certain routes are of concern, perform trace test calling and auditable caller identification.

Cost Assurance - It's about the bottom line...

Cost Assurance Report

Our Cost Assurance Solutions

Our solutions are flexible. As a result, you can choose to either implement a smaller, sample-based solution, or take advantage of our full scale Enhanced TCG analytics solution. Options are always available to best suit your budget.

Our tools are flexible. Therefore, you can select which key risk areas to assure, for example: fixed line, broadband, MNO and MVNO margins. If you already use our test calling elsewhere, simply just add this to your existing solution.

Our services are flexible. You can choose to let your own team run the system (with our support) or it can be run by our dedicated analysts as part of a fully managed service. Above all else, we are here to help you find value that can be added to your bottom line.

Other Cost Assurance Risk Domains


Assess and rank the profitability of legacy, current and future products


Assess the profitability and implementation of agreements