Fraud Assurance that helps you search, detect and act against fraud using our global TCG footprint

Telecom Fraud

For many years, the telecommunications industry has suffered enormous losses due to fraudulent activities which continues to grow and evolve. Fraudster attack vectors can include weak processes, missing controls, technical weaknesses and of course by exploiting people.

Roscom have supported many global clients with Fraud Assurance activities. Below are the risk areas we currently assure…

Fraud Assurance - Management

Fraud Assurance Risk Areas

Learn how TCG can be used to detect common types of bypass such as OTT, Refiling, Re-Originating (SIM-Boxing) and Ghost Routing

Learn how our solutions can be used to detect International Revenue Share Fraud through combining analytics and TCG

Learn how our solutions can be used to detect Wangiri Fraud through combining analytics and TCG

Our Fraud Assurance Solution

The Process

Our Solution

Identify and report complex fraud issues using our in-house developed technology & techniques. It’s all in the detail – Big-data Analytics, end to end reconciliation, independent tracking/monitoring, delivering unique anomaly identification and much more.

Our Tools

Osprey™ Analytics

Uses your data to enrich and quantify your fraud testing landscape with real customer journeys.

Osprey™ TCG

Generate independent analytic-driven traffic, verifying the routing and termination of real events.

Osprey™ Reconciliation

Uses end to end data sources to reconcile and validate traffic against consumer and wholesales revenue streams that are commonly exploited by fraudsters.

Osprey Suite

Arrange for an Osprey™ Suite demonstration

Our Osprey™ Suite demonstrations are flexible and suited to your needs. Ask our fraud management experts questions or listen along, there are no obligations.

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