Digital Twin for Smarter Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are commonly seen in farms and large areas of water/land to generate wholesale renewable power, but also more recently the domestic market has started to benefit from generating this renewable energy at home.

‘Can wind generate renewable energy at the same rate as solar?’

… in short, the answer is YES. The wind blows all year round, especially in winter periods (when we use the most electricity to heat our properties). Wind also doesn’t take a break overnight, hence providing a more constant source throughout a 24-hour day.

The previous hurdles (aesthetic, persistent noise, regulated) for domestic wind generators are also slowly disbanding as the planet mindset moves to a greener sustainable world.

The Roscom ‘Wind Turbine Digital Twin’ is one of our new innovations for the utilities industry. Providing automation and simplicity to a somewhat complex, ambiguous market. Smart, user-friendly, data-rich technology empowers consumer centric reporting, enabling:

  • A clearer understanding of environmental benefits
  • Billing and metering transparency
  • Assurance on buying and selling renewable power
  • Online automated customer data-centric dashboards to empower renewable thinkers (no more manual spreadsheets)

Roscom have moved to a ‘carbon neutrality’ business. During this journey we identified significant areas of customer concerns, which our new innovation, ‘Wind Turbine Digital Twin’ will resolve, to move your company into the customer-centric 21st Century, driving positive Net Promoter Score (NPS) with longer-term, loyal & satisfied customers.

The customer isn’t just a meter; they are the future of  your business

Worldwide Distribution

We have carried out over 3,000 projects over the past 3 decades, across 6 continents (one continent was just too cold for us!) and have delivered over 8,500 pieces of test and measurement hardware across the globe.

Our team here at Roscom is made up of a diverse group of experienced multi-cultural and multi-lingual professionals who are looking forward to talking to you!

We Are Global

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Our Solutions

We offer four models: a supported product installation, a cloud install, a technology managed service or a hybrid. These options provide flexibility to suit any budgetary, regulatory or governmental restrictions that may exist. Some clients prefer to keep Assurance activities in-house and we are more than happy to support that!

We are here to be an extension of your existing teams, working together as colleagues to help your Risk or Audit function see value from our relationship. To get our things started, please take a look at our Assurance specific offerings.