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Keep it Fresh

Are you stuck with testing old technology with your old test call generator solution? Do you have new promotions, new 5G launch, new VoLTE Roaming?

Roscom Green Update

Green Team Update – Over 1000 trees!

Since the start of 2020, our solar plant has generated a total of 92.15 MWh. That’s enough to boil 921,500 kettles*, soon to be 1


To 5G or not to 5G?

Consumers are much savvier now when it comes to knowing their rights – particularly around refunds. So, will the rollout of 5G cause headaches for


Testing times for London Underground

When Roscom engineers tested the London Underground in 2008 for connectivity and quality on the TETRA network it was all about ensuring the emergency services could talk to each other. Now Transport for London wants mobile users to have 4G access by the mid 2020’s. We asked our engineers for their views on the highs and lows of making this happen.