International & Domestic Bypass Fraud & SIM Box Activity

Bypass fraud is the deliberate routing of voice traffic for in-country termination to avoid international toll gateway interconnection points. Calls are diverted over alternate routes and placed on the terminating network at the cheapest call rate possible.

The presence of bypass prevents the destination network from collecting valid billable incoming international minutes. The bypass network (BPN) is established as an unlicensed operation, thus operating outside regulatory, legal, commercial and other government controls.

Bypass Fraud Types

  • OTT Application – Originating subscriber calls an E164 number but the call is hijacked and terminated on an OTT application.
  • Preferred Partner Refiling – Where a CLI is changed by one of the interconnect partners / fraudster to mislead the terminating network.
  • Re-Originating Calling – Traditional MSC SIM box bypass. International call is hijacked and the final leg is terminated as a local call.
  • Unsanctioned or Ghost Routing – Call passed to the terminating network via a misconfigured or unsanctioned route.

Our Bypass Detection Solution

Roscom’s 30 years’ experience in the Telecoms sector means we are able to help you get one step ahead of the fraudsters and provide certification evidence that you are following “best practice”. This will help protect your customers and your bottom line against bypass fraud. The following three steps provide a guideline to our optimised approach.

Step 1 - Establish a baseline of fraud activity using the Osprey Suite

Step 2 - Target, Track and Report high profile anomalies

Step 3 - Certify Your Compliance

Monitoring Line Chart

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